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Patent Trademark Copyright Design Attorney & Lawyers India

Raval & Co. is an Intellectual Property Rights Protection organization engaged in providing prefect solutions regarding the client’s Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law matters which are often difficult legal matters to handle. We provide reliable Registration Services that encompasses Copyright Registration Services, Design Registration Services, Patent Registration Services, Service Mark Registration Services, and Trademark Registration Services, Geogrophical Indication Mark Registration Services. Being an experienced practitioner in the domain of Intellectual Property Laws, we have set a benchmark for ourselves, in the last 30 years.

Located in Ahmedabad, our branches are also situated in Surat, Baroda, Gandhidham, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur. The company is also an enrolled member of Intellectual Property Practitioners Association, Ahmedabad & Mumbai. We have a team of professionals that collects data, which enables us to search for trademarks and their status on finger point.

A trademark registration allows the proprietor to sue for counterfeiting - duplicating of the registered mark and to obtain both civil and criminal penalties against counterfeiters – duplicator

In the case that the infringement committed is proven innocent, only nominal damages will be awarded. However, criminal action is possible if fraudulent intention on the part of the infringer is proved.

Working with a corporate law advisor from the beginning of a business can help build a solid legal foundation for its operations in many ways

The test for deceptive similarity is whether the defendant’s use of a mark is likely to cause confusion as to the source, affiliation or sponsorship of the parties and their goods and services.

While the right to reproduce, distribute, to make derivative works, broadcast and publish can be considered economic benefits, the rest can be considered as moral benefits and rights that a copyright holder can receive

The rights under a registered patent extend only to acts done for industrial or commercial purposes and not to acts done for scientific research.

When a customer company pays for some work, they are only entitled to use it for the purposes stated at the time of the agreement.

Trademark Proceedure & Requirements