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Litigation Services

Litigation is one of the modes of resolving disputes. Usually the party aggrieved by the actions of another initiates the legal proceedings before the court of law by filing a complaint. The remedy sought for is also specified in the complaint. After this the other party is to file his response, arguments are to be presented by both sides (Plaintiff and Defendant). After this the final and the most important task is to be performed by a Judge. A judge has to refer to the law, analyse the facts, determine if there has been a violation of law, analyse the arguments raised by both parties in mind and determine as to whether the remedy requested for is required or not. After the detailed analysis the judge passes a decision and this marks the end of the litigation. But it is not so always, as simple as it sounds litigation in reality is complex and time consuming.

In litigation, it is customary to find the conjunction of law and fact; but occasionally there is no dispute about the facts, the question being entirely one of law; and against there is frequently no dispute about the law, but a dispute purely about the facts. Matters of law are for the judge, and matters of fact are for the jury; mixed matters of law and fact are for the jury, but properly dealt with they would be distinguished.

Biz and Legis offers superior quality litigation support and services. Our immense experience in this field gives us an edge over the others. We have catered to the needs of Individual client’s, Law firms and corporate entities. Our effective and accurate litigation support services have only benefitted the clients. Be it preparation of litigation strategy or court documents related to any litigation or any other kind of litigation support services our team of lawyers are always ready to help with any kind of legal trouble.

We have a strong Litigation team who can cater the requirement of corporate as well as the individual clients. It is important for a law firm in a jurisdiction like India to have wide network all over the nation, to have a timely and effective presence in all Courts across the country. We are privileged to have best contacts in each state, so as to have presence in all states of the country, so that we can ensure our clients that whatever may be their special requirement, and which court they may need our presence, We can assist them . We are the best litigation service providers in India giving best litigation supports and solutions globally.

We at Raval & Co provide litigation services. Our dedicated team of lawyers are well trained to deal with any kind of litigation matter. The main areas of law wherein we offer litigation services are:

  • Civil Litigation – We deal with all kinds of civil matters. Matters related to property law, family law, Consumer law etc.
  • Criminal Litigation - Matters related to all areas in criminal law are dealt with by us.
  • Corporate Litigation – We handle all matters related to corporate law. We handle all issues in corporate law from issues related to mergers and acquisition, shareholders dispute etc.
  • IPR Litigation – We handle all litigation issues related to IPR matters, from piracy to injunctions for infringements etc.